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Jan 09, 2017 / By Andrew Rynne

Syphilis the Lethal STD

Syphilis the lethal STD that refuses to go away. All the other STD's are very troublesome and can cause widespread misery including infertility. But only syphilis can kill you. It may take a long time to do that but left untreated it can eventually cause your demise.
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Jan 04, 2017 / By Andrew Rynne

Sleep Deprivation and Your Performance

Sleep deprivation, for whatever reason, significantly affects your health, performance, memory, and reaction times. It is my view that doctors do not enquirer about sleep quality sufficiently.


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Dec 30, 2016 / By Andrew Rynne

STDs are at an all time high in the US

STDs are at an all time high "We’re very concerned about these unprecedented high number of cases of STDs in the United States," Gail Bolan, the director of the CDC's Division of Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention, tells The Verge.
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Nov 24, 2014 / By Andrew Rynne


Antibiotics have been very much in the news of late, not strangely enough because of their uses but rather because of their abuses. Antibiotics are probably among the most abused medications in the world, although sedatives and antidepressants would not be far behind.
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