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The 10 common side-effects of the Birth Control Pill

Fri, 01/19/2018 - 15:57 / By Andrew Rynne

The 10 common side-effects of the Birth Control Pill

The birth control pill, or more often simply The Pill, is the most common form of contraception used across the world. It is also the most effective after vasectomy and tubal ligation. In America some 40 million women are taking the pill at any given time. The pill was designed for spacing children in a family. It was not designed as a long term contraceptive. To take the pill for many years as a long-term contraceptive when you know that your family size is complete is to put your health at unnecessary risk and is bad practice.

Uses of the The Pill for other than as a contraceptive: The pill is often taken for reasons other than for contraception. These would include:

  • As a treatment for acne
  • For regulating your periods
  • For lightening your periods
  • For avoiding having a period at all on special occasions like you honeymoon. 
  • For relieving bad menstrual cramps -- dysmenorrhoea. 

Here are the commoner side-effects of The Pill. Some of these are trivial some very serious:

  1. Break through bleeding. This can usually be solved by going on to a stronger pill
  2. Increased anxiety or depression
  3. Lowering libido or sex drive
  4. Altered sexual response -- vaginal dryness
  5. Deep vain thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. This is clearly a very serious but fortunately rare side-effect of The Pill
  6. Increased risk of heart attack or stroke. The pill and cigarette smoking are a dangerous combination.

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