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Do You Think Online Pharmacies are a Good Idea

Fri, 02/16/2018 - 21:28 / By Andrew Rynne

Do You Think Online Pharmacies are a Good Idea



      Online Pharmacies May Not Be A Good Idea


Online pharmacies are, in my opinion, a very bad idea indeed. Many of them purport to offer an online doctor consultation service. However, on closer inspection, this is usually no more than a rubber stamping of prescription medication that they want to sell you. This is at best cynical and disingenuous; at worst it may put your health at risk. People should not have a vested interest in the medicines you take.Or put another way, the dispensor of medications should not also be the prescriber.


Here are just some of the reasons why I think buying prescription medication online is a bad idea.


  • The wrong medication for your specific problem. A good example of this would be the online sale of Viagra and Cialis. Now, these drugs will fix most erectile dysfunction but are they always appropriate and optimal treatments? No they are not, even if rubber stamped by a faceless online doctor. The commonest cause of erectile dysfunction in younger men is performance anxiety. The best treatment for performance anxiety erectile dysfunction is behavioural modification. It costs nothing, is quick and easy to apply, it give a permanent solution to the problem and it is safe. Medication for performance anxiety ED is at best a quick fix that may give no lasting resolution and cause dependency.
  • A dangerous solution for a minor problem. A good example of this is the sale of Propecia for the management of male pattern baldness. First of all male pattern baldness is not a disease but a response some men have to naturally raised testosterone levels. Secondly, Propecia is Finasteride and it renders your testosterone useless. This will “cure” your baldness alright. However, sadly it also has the potential to obliterate your sexuality for all time. It is dangerous medication designed to treat advanced prostate cancer. Hundreds of thousands of men around the world today are suffering the misery and despair of Post-Propecia Syndrome, their sexuality in tatters with no known cure. Who is going to help these men? Online Pharmacies? No, I don’t think so.
  • Danger of Dependency and addiction. Anyone today can buy addictive drugs like Diazepam or Codeine online and rubberstamped by a faceless doctor. This is obviously uncontrolled and not good.
  • Unverifiable, Unapproved and Unlicensed medication.  Finally there is the question of where do these medications come from, who manufactured then, was this done to GMP standards and who licensed them.  These are vital questions when it comes to your health. Without any such accreditation these drugs may contain anything or nothing. Indeed they may even be contaminated with lethal excipients as was the case a few years ago. The packaging my look very authentic and credible. But does the product match the packaging? That’s the question. Your life may depend on it. Be careful and stay clear of Online Pharmacies.  

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