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Some Easy Ways to Postpone the Horrors of Dementia

Mon, 09/11/2017 - 17:48 / By Andrew Rynne

Some Easy Ways to Postpone the Horrors of Dementia

             Some Easy Ways to Postpone the Horrors of Dementia

There may not be any absolute way of ensuring that you will never ever suffer from at least some cognitive decline.  There are however quite a number of easy and useful things that you can do to ward off that day. Here I address the more important of them:


  1. Adequate Sleep. Sleep is far more important for mental and physical health than most people seem to realize. It is not a luxury, it is an essential. Most of us require a good eight hours of quality sleep in every 24 hour period. It does not all have to be consecutive. Seven hours at night and one hour in the afternoon is equally therapeutic.

If there is something interfering with your sleeping then this need to be addressed. Sleep apnoea, for example, can be a serious interference of sleep and needs to be addressed and a matter of urgency. If you live on your own you may not be aware that you have sleep apnoea,

  1. Eating Habits. If you want to ward off dementia then avoid eating for 4 hours before retiring. This then allows for a 12 hour fasting period in every 24 hours. There is now some quite good evidence that regular brief fasting is beneficial from a cogitative health perspective.
  2. Stress. Stress may be your number one enemy. Stress can accelerate dementia as this study here http://bit.ly/2wUyNGO clearly demonstrates. Therefore I cannot emphasize this often enough or strongly enough. If you are suffering ongoing stress you simple must get rid of your stressors. I will help you with this. It may mean moving address, changing job, separating from a toxic relationship, selling your house, clearing all debts. But whatever it takes please do it.
  3. Supplements. Of all the supplements that are useful in warding off dementia perhaps Omega 3 and Co-enzyme 10 are the best studied. You can do your own research here but unless you eat fish on a regular bases then supplementing with fish oil might be a good idea.
  4. Brain Exercise. Everyone knows that physical exercise, walking, cycling or swimming are good for the body and indeed can prolong life. Plenty of studies like this one http://bit.ly/2p7Jhvd bear this out. But not everyone seems to realize that brain exercises are as important for cognitive function as physical exercise is for bodily function. Brain exercises might be as simple as doing the crosswords every day or taking part in quizzes. Just by being out and about, meeting with and talking to friends or neighbours can be brain exercise enough to delay the onset of dementia. Living in isolation and watching TV all day may be positively dangerous.

If you or a loved one are in any way worried about dementia and how to prevent it then we are here to help you: https://www.medicaladviceforyou.com


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