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What is Heart Failure and What Causes it

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 21:17 / By Andrew Rynne

What is Heart Failure and What Causes it

What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure is the chronic situation where your heart is unable to cop adequately with the volume of blood being delivered to it from around the body. During heart failure your heart is behaving as a dysfunctional pump. You can live with this for some time but, if not treated, it may brink about you untimely demise.

What causes heart failure?

There are many possible causes for your heart to fail, Here are just some of the commoner:

  1. Chronic high blood that has been neglected or poorly treated. Your heart can't pump against this pressure forever and eventually starts to fail.
  2. Valvular disease. The heart can be adversely affected by leaking valves  or valves that  are too tight -- stenosis.
  3. Chronic obstructive Airway Disease or COAD caused for example by chronic bronchitis. When the lungs become fibrosed the heart may have a hard time pumping blood through them to pick up oxygen.
  4. Heart disease such as damage caused to the heart muscle by silent heart attack.
  5. Kidney disease (renal failure) where the kidneys fail to excreta sufficient fluids such that they build up and raise your blood volume thus putting excessive pressure on the heart.
  6. Cardiac arrhythmia. This means the heart going into an abnormal rhythm like palpitations or atrial fibrilation. In this mode of action it can fail or malfunction.   

​What are the symptoms of Cardiac Failure?


Here are some of the chief symptoms of hearty failure:

  1. Shortness of breath. Typically this is worse when you lie down and somewhat relieved by sitting up.
  2. Swelling of ankles or oedema as iits called in medicine. Classically this is pitting oedema where pressute applied on the swelling causes an indentation.
  3. Viable jugular veins in the neck -- jugular veine distention caused by back-pressure from a failing heart.

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