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You Always Wait to See a Doctor. Is This Stupid

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 23:01 / By Andrew Rynne

You Always Wait to See a Doctor. Is This Stupid

"Doctor will see you in half a hour"

You phoned the office three days ago. You were told 3.30 Wednesday the 6th. At exactly 3.30 on Wednesday the 6th you arrive at the doctor's office expecting to be shown in to see the doctor.

But this does not happen. What actually happens is that, having presented yourself at reception, you are told to: "Take a seat inside please." You are ushered into a crowded waiting room full of coughing adults and screaming children. This is a toxic environment full of tension and droplet spread infections. It has all the appeal of a Dickensian soup kitchen without the soup and it is exactly what you were trying to avoid.

For the privileged of sitting in this hellhole you:

  • Made an appointment
  • Took a half day out of work
  • Drove through heavy traffic and found a parking place

So why is this unique to doctor appointments? I mean to say your hairdresser or barber usually sees you when they say they will see you. So does your dentist and your auto-mechanic. Your bank manager and solicitor, should it be your misfortune to have to talk to ether of them, will in the main, see you as arranged. But never a doctor, why is this?

Well actually it is mostly your own fault. I don't mean you as in the innocent victim sitting there fiddling with your smart phone. I mean you as in the collective patients going in to see the doctor that afternoon. One of you, or probably several of you, outstayed your welcome during your consultation and held up the doctor for several extra minutes beyond your allotted time. And when enough people do this the entire scheduled is screwed up for the entire afternoon and every one is made to suffer and kept waiting thereafter.

Of course there may be the occasional emergency, bad asthmatic attack, trauma or heart attack, that simply must take precedence over everything else. But these in the main are the exceptions. No, 90% of the time that you are not seen as arranged is because people simply do not play the game fairly and the doctor is too nice to do anything about it. When they have the doctor's ear they feel that it is their God given right to hold on to it for as long as ever possible and to hell with the rest of you.

Do you know, today there is an elegant answer to this dilemma and smart people are finding it. You simply go here and jump the queue. After all your time is too precious for it to be wasted away sitting in stressful doctor's waiting rooms. Most health or medical questions can be solved through Video, email exchange and HD iPhone photographs.


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