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Acute Pain

How to Stop Stomach Cramp

Usually the term cramp is applied to a pain with particular characteristics. It’s a pain that comes and goes. Each time it starts up again it does so starting mildly and building up to a much worse pain and then fading away again. How to stop stomach cramp will depend on what is causing it in the first place. It is not just a question of stopping it. You need a diagnosis. Your body is trying to tell you something.

How to Diagnose Acute Pain

The answer to how to diagnose acute pain is the same as how to diagnose anything else. Traditionally in human medicine there are three routes to diagnosis and they are:

How to Get Rid of A Lump in the Throat

In order to know how to get rid of a lump in the throat the first thing you need is a diagnosis. Starting with the commonest, below I list some things that might cause a lump in your throat.

When to Worry About Back Pain

When should my back pain worry me is probably best answered by taking into consideration the circumstances prevailing at the time the pain first manifests itself. Most back pain, perhaps as much as 95% of all back pain, is benign and is not reflecting any serious underlying disease. However, some back pain is an early manifestation of significant disease. Doctor’s call these circumstances “Red Alerts” and you too need to be aware of them. All red alert back pain needs further investigation like blood tests, x-rays, MRI and CT scans..


Symptoms of STDs

Symptoms of STDs will of course depend on what specific infection is involved -- chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes virus or whatever. That said there are however some general symptoms that are common to most types of STD and they are: