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You Always Wait to See a Doctor. Is This Stupid

"Doctor will see you in half a hour"

You phoned the office three days ago. You were told 3.30 Wednesday the 6th. At exactly 3.30 on Wednesday the 6th you arrive at the doctor's office expecting to be shown in to see the doctor.

Are Vaccines Safe?

Are vaccines safe? I believe that people who say that no vaccine is safe and that all vaccination programs should be abandoned forthwith are wrong. I also believe that people who say that all vaccines are safe and that all vaccination programs should be mandatory, are equally wrong.

Eczema the Common Tormentor

Eczema the common tormentor is an itchy dry rash that affects up to 10% of children and between 1 to 3% of adults. Here is a photograph that on Online patient sent me this morning. She wanted to know the diagnosis:

[caption id="attachment_11359" align="alignnone" width="225"] Itchy raised bumpy rash of atrophic dermatitis or eczema.[/caption]

Cockroach Induced Asthma

How do Cockroaches induce an Asthma Attack?

Cockroach Induced Asthma is a common phenomenon in the USA. Cockroaches aren’t just unsightly pests, crawling across your kitchen floor in the dead of the night. They can be an allergy trigger as well. The mechanism through which they trigger asthma is very similar to the way the house dust mite does.

My Home is Making Me Sick

Allergies in the Bedroom

This is the most allergen-prone room in your house. The most common indoor allergen in your house is the dust mite and dust mites love bedrooms.

Don't Ignore These Asthma Symptoms in Your Child

Perhaps the first thing to be said here is that if you missed the early symptoms of asthma in your own child then you are not alone. In my view, no parent should be made to feel guilty about missing the diagnosis of bronchial asthma when it first appears in their own child.

Can I get Asthma As An Adult?

The answer to Can I get Asthma as an Adult is, I am sorry to say, a resounding yes. In fact not only can you get asthma as an adult, but at least a third of adults with asthma today developed that disease, not as a child, but as an adult. By adult here is meant anyone over the age of 20 years.

What can cause asthma as as adult?

Allergies and a Sore Throat

How Do Allergies Cause Sore Throat?

Allergies and a sore throat. When an allergen comes in contact with your throat or tonsils it can set off an irritable reaction that you fell as a sore throat. Common allergens that can do this are: