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Alzheimer?s V Senile Dementia

Unexpected Hidden Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement

There are unexpected hidden benefits of testosterone replacement that have emerged through clinical study over the past five years. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is given to men suffering from Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome or TDS.

What are the symptoms of TDS?

Has Trump Got Dementia?

Has Trump got dementia? It will hardly have escaped your attention that there are murmurings coming from certain quarters that some of President Trump's recent bizarre behavior might be accounted for on the bases of cognitive decline, diminishing brain functioning or dementia.

Snoring treatments and causes

Snoring is caused when the sleeping person is breathing through their open mouth and usually lying on their back. Under these circumstances, air, as it passes through the mouth, rattles the soft palate and uvula and it is this that causes the irritating noise. Snoring treatments can vary from a simple change of lifestyle or diet to more intensive surgical intervention. In any case the snoring treatments will rely on making a correct appraisal of the snoring cause.


Could Brain Training Prevent Dementia

Could brain training prevent dementia? Very interesting research results emerged from this years Alzheimers Association Annual Conference held in Toronto. The vexed question could brain training prevent dementia has been at least partially answered. Apparently with the regular use of web based brain games you can almost half your chances of getting dementia.

New Hope for Alzheimer's Sufferers

A day hardly seems to pass but that one reads of some more research indicating that the cognitive decline and memory loss of dementia may be reversible. Most of these are small studies but nonetheless must give rise for new hope for Alzheimer's sufferers.

There is a common thread here I think and that common thread would include the following:

Hypertension and Life Expectancy

Hypertension or raised blood pressure is an extremely common condition and an extremely important one. And as we grow older the commoner it becomes. 60% of men and women over the age of 60 will have hypertension of varying degrees requiring treatment.