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Blood Pressure

Tension Headache

Tension Headache

Tension headache may be simply defined as a headache brought about by the stresses and strains that life can and will throw at you. Tension headache therefore can be looked upon as a wake-up call, coming from your body, that all is not well and that it is time for you to do something about it. Tension headache is a red light. Stress is one of the greatest risk factors for heart attack or stroke and this headache is telling you that so you do need to listen.

Blood Pressure Monitor

A 63 year old lady from Virginia contacted me for medical advice online with this message:
“Doctor Rynne, over the last three months I have visited my cardiologist three times. On each occasion he tells me my blood pressure is up. On the last visit he wanted me to take a 24 hour blood pressure test and perhaps start me on blood pressure medicine.

Blood Pressure. Three Easy Steps to Manage your Own BP.

Traveling to see your doctor; waiting for long periods of time in a stressful waiting-room; then actually going in and having your blood pressure checked -- none of this helps you to record a "normal" blood pressure. Therefore a "high" blood pressure reading in your doctor's office might well be a normal reading if taken in the relative peace and quiet of your own sitting room. Therefore and logically my first step for you in managing your own blood-pressure is: