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I Hate Being Tired All the Time

Why am I tired all the time is one of the commonest questions asked in a general practise setting. Chronic fatigue or tiredness may or may not represent a disease or illness. Usually it does not reflect any underlying malady and is brought about by natural causes. Here is a brief rundown of the the commonest causes together with some notes. Starting with the rarest and moving down to the commonest:

Health Benefits of Avocado

The health benefits of avocado would be hard to exaggerate. What an incredible fruit this is. Indeed, you would be hard pushed to find anything negative to say about it. Just off the top of my head:

Beware of Dr Google





Dr Google can scare you. More than half of people are diagnosing their illnesses on Google before going to a GP, according to a survey presented at the Primary Care Partnership Conference at Croke Park recently.

Treating Severe Allergies

Allergies that are severe are mainly food allergies as distinct from the surface allergies such as pollen and hay fever. Food allergies can lead to anaphylaxis and even death. This is not the case with seasonal allergies uncomfortable and all as they can make you.

Differences between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance:

Medical Issues that are Difficult to Talk About

We all know the feeling. There are things that are difficult or nearly impossible to talk about to others, even to your own doctor. Women are definitely better at it than are men but all of us can find it difficult from time to time.

Why Patients Don't Always Tell the Truth

There are several reasons why patients don't always tell the truth when talking with their doctor. And while this can be annoying for the doctor, for the patient it is never in their best interest and often results in their not getting the most from this professional engagement. Here are some reasons why patients don't always tell the truth and some examples:

How to Stop Snoring

When considering how to stop snoring it may be useful to look at what one might refer to as home remedies and life-style changes before considering the more serious medical and surgical approaches to solving the problem. Remember however, that all remedies are directed towards making it easy, for people who snore, to breathe through their nostrils while sleeping

When to Worry About Back Pain

When should my back pain worry me is probably best answered by taking into consideration the circumstances prevailing at the time the pain first manifests itself. Most back pain, perhaps as much as 95% of all back pain, is benign and is not reflecting any serious underlying disease. However, some back pain is an early manifestation of significant disease. Doctor’s call these circumstances “Red Alerts” and you too need to be aware of them. All red alert back pain needs further investigation like blood tests, x-rays, MRI and CT scans..


What is Back Pain?

What is back pain? The most single important structure within your back is your spinal or vertebral column. It is also that part of your body that is most likely to give pain. Back pain can be either acute or chronic. Few people go through life without having experienced at least one episode of acute back pain.

Chlamydia Symptoms

Chlamydia symptoms vary greatly from individual to individual. Indeed, for some people, there may be no symptoms at all yet the infection may be rumbling away in the background. That is why, for sexually active non-monogamous women, annual checks for chlamydia are essential. Always remember that this STD has the potential to wreck a woman's fertility through tubal blockage.