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Unexpected Hidden Benefits Of Testosterone Replacement

There are unexpected hidden benefits of testosterone replacement that have emerged through clinical study over the past five years. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is given to men suffering from Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome or TDS.

What are the symptoms of TDS?

Female Orgasmic Disorder

In a recent study published in this month's Journal of Sexual Medicine, female orgasmic disorder was reported by almost half of the women of the 866 responding to a standard questionnaire.

Almost half of the women surveyed reported difficulty reaching orgasm

Magic Mushrooms a Treatment for Depression

Magic mushrooms have lifted severe depression in a dozen volunteers in a clinical trial, raising scientists’ hopes that the psychedelic experiences beloved of the Aztecs and the hippy counter-culture of the 1970's could one day become mainstream medicine.

New Hope for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Low-Dose Naltrexone May Provide Relief for Fibromyalgia Patients

When it comes to the treatment of that strange condition fibromyalgia, doctors do not have great choices. Heretofore the usual treatments of this most debilitating condition were the standard non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, which incidentally do not work. After that there was the antidepressants and after that the anti-seizure drugs like Lyrica. Usually patients end up on a little of each depending on response.

You Need To Know The Ugly Truth about Antidepressants

The SSRI’s are rapidly becoming the psychiatrist’s sole line of defence against depressive illnesses. This is lazy medicine. Drugs are no substitute for psychotherapy but unfortunately most psychiatrists are not trained in this discipline and in any case are unwilling to give the time. Writing a prescription is much quicker, turnover greater and at the end of the day, the doctor wins and the patient looses.


The Tragedy of Induced Sexual Neuroses

In many parts of Southern Asia, but most particularly India and Pakistan, there is a male sexual neurosis sometimes referred to as DHAT syndrome. This may be a cultural neurosis resulting from the brain washing of young boys through religious dogma and fundamentalism where they are forced to accept that masturbation is evil and profoundly sinful.


Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

All of us from time to time can feel low or fed up or even sad for no particular reason. That’s normal and we usually pull out of it in a few hours or, at worse, in a day or so. What distinguishes the illness that we call depression from these fleeting mood swings is that with depression the feelings and mood are fixed and locked in, they are unrelenting, last all day and every day and can be overwhelming. They take you over.