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Terminal Cancer. When to say No to the Oncologists.

Because they see it as their job, as what they do if you like, Oncologists are not programmed to quit, to throw in the towel, to face reality. Cancer doctors always want to keep going, keep pushing, a little bit more chemo here, a little bit more radiation there. In many ways this might be admirable. In other ways however it can be intrusive, painful and futile. If you are the patient, or a loved one of the cancer sufferer then be vigilant.

Why do Oncologists keep pushing their treatments in the face of hopelessness?

Losing Weight with Testosterone Therapy.

Here is some very good news for older men who are over weight and may be suffering from some of the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome. If these men go on Testosterone Therapy (TRT), along with all the other benefits usual to this treatment, there is now very good evidence that they will also experience "significant" weight reduction.