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Acute Pain Management Guidelines

Acute pain management guidelines may be best addressed by my giving you examples of conditions that cause acute pain. Acute pain is defined as a severe pain of sudden onset. Whatever treatment is given for these types of pain it must be effective. That is the bottom line. All pain, regardless of its severity, can be relieved. Failure to do so, with poor or inadequate treatment, is unforgivable and a serious indictment against the carers.

Why Do I Have a Lump on My Neck?

The question, 'Why do I have a lump on my neck' is probably easiest answered if we divide the neck into three segments:

  1. The front of neck or troth
  2. The side of neck
  3. The back of your neck


Many people experience lumps in their neck for a wide variety of reasons, and there is no reason to assume the worst! If you are worried about the lump in your neck then you can contact one of our specialists today for help and advice.