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Performance Anxiety Explained

Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction Now.

Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction is the commonest form of ED in young men. This can develop overnight. It is very easily fixed. This can be done usually, though not always, without medication. The commonest cause of performance anxiety in young men is watching yourself trying to get or maintain an erection. Once a man is up in the audience looking at himself he is doomed to failure.




Ed is the second commonest sexual dysfunction to affect men. The commonest is premature ejaculation or PE and I have written about that elsewhere on this site.

What is the definition of ED or erectile dysfunction?

Ed may be defined as the persistent or recurring inability to achieve an erection of sufficient strength or duration to satisfy the needs of either party engaged in sexual activity.



Some anxiety is normal and healthy, useful even. It can keep you on your toes; keep you alert and ready for action. It is a normal human response to a threat or a perceived threat. It is part of our built in survival kit raising our levels of adrenaline and prompting us to either flight or fight to escape danger.


Even the word itself, vaginismus, seems to strike terror into the hearts of women. It is as if the condition, once properly diagnosed, doomed them to a sexless and childless life. This is quite simply not the case. Vaginismus is always treatable and curable. Let us start with a definition so as we can all agree that we are talking about the same thing:

Common Myths about Performance Anxiety Erectile Dysfunction.

The therapist, presuming to help young men with performance anxiety erectile dysfunction may often find themselves with an uphill struggle on their hands. Men do not like to me told that their erectile dysfunction is being caused by performance anxiety, even when it may be blatantly obvious that this is the case.