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Age and Fertility - Time Can Run Out

Production of healthy ova declines with age

Age and fertility are inexorably linked.While a female baby is born with between one and two million potential ova or eggs only very few of these indeed will actually end up in a Fallopian tube where they can be fertilized and produce a baby. Without going into the minutia as to why this happens suffice here that you just keep this in mind:

Why Can't I Get Pregnant

It can be make worse by your anxiety about it

How Do We Define Infertility?

When considering the subject of Why Can't I Get Pregnant one of the first difficulties to arise is that of definition. The definition of infertility varies according to the age of the couple and their geographical position in the world. For example:

How Long Does Pregnancy Last?

In determining how long does pregnancy last it is always useful to approach this question with something of an open mind. This is a subject around which there are many fallacies and these fallacies can lead to no end of worry, anxiety and even unnecessary induction of labour.


If you have questions about any aspect of your pregnancy then we are here to help you. Get in touch with your questions and put your mind at rest!

Syphilis the Lethal STD

Syphilis the lethal STD that refuses to go away. All the other STD's are very troublesome and can cause widespread misery including infertility. But only syphilis can kill you. It may take a long time to do that but left untreated it can eventually cause your demise.


Trusted information on what syphilis is, symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention, is available from our specialist STD medical team. If you are worried please do contact us now

Computer Mouse Neuropathy Can Damage Your Health.

The mouse under your floorboards may be a nuisance. The mouse beside your computer however, can damage you physically and permanently. This is serious. The condition may be called "Computer Mouse Neuropathy". I have to admit that I did not know about it either until I got it myself. Now of course, I'm an expert. Let me explain it to you:

Can Talcum Powder Cause Cancer

For many years now an association between talcum powder and ovarian cancer has been mooted but never, in my opinion, proven outright. Some studies have shown a slight increased risk with long-term use of Talcum Powder as a female hygiene aid. Other studies have failed to show such a risk. In a situation like this the term 'equivocal' is often used. If there is in fact an association between talcum powder and ovarian cancer then it is a very weak one.

Here is what The American Cancer Society has to say on the subject:

Folic Acid and Autism Study Suggests Link

Folate or folic acid is very very important in early pregnancy for the prevention of neural tube damage or spina bifida. And there is little point in taking it as a supplement AFTER a positive pregnancy test. It is in the first few days, hours indeed, that the folate is essential. And that is why fortifying bread and serials with this supplement is probably a good idea. That way levels are assured before pregnancy even begins. But is too much folate too much of a good thing?

Gardasil Anti-cancer Vaccine Is It Safe

Gardasil is an anti human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine introduced in 2010 as a vaccine against cervical cancer. The majority of cervical cancers are caused by the changes brought about by HPV infections of the cervix. Hence, vaccinating against this virus would seem to make perfectly good sense from a Public Health perspective.