How It Works


But let me tell you how I got to this point first:

All my life, as a practising doctor, I hated keeping people waiting. I was uncomfortable with the notion of a full waiting room, people coughing and children screaming. These people had appointments, they had taken time out of work. They had other things to be doing.

And then when the unfortunate client eventually got in to see me they were often frazzled, not receptive to what was being said to them and they were being rushed. There MUST be a better way to do this I would have thought to myself.

Then, in the mid 90’s along came the Internet and Eureka!! That was it. Unless people needed some procedure like an injection or having their ears syringed or their lungs listened to or a mass in their breast felt, then there was no need for them to be in a doctors office at all. Out of this thinking this website was born. The old paradigm of visiting a healthcare professional was changing forever. Now readily available HD digital photography extends this concept to include the Online diagnosis of skin rashes and lumps and bumps.


  • Do you like having to make an appointment to see a doctor?
  • Do you mind taking half a day out of work for a 10 minute consultation?
  • Does waiting in a doctors office bother you? People coughing. kids screaming?
  • Are you embarrassed discussing private or intimate issues with a doctor?
  • Do you always take in and understand what the doctor has said?
  • Do you think your problem too trivial or dumb to have to see a healthcare professional.

If any of these questions strike a cord with you then the good news is that you may no longer have to put up with this. Internet consultation for most things is becoming the new doctor visit.

How It Works

1. Start Conversation

Submit your question through our simple online form and start the process to get the advice you need for any unanswered health or medical questions you may have.

2. Get Assigned to a Doctor

Once you have submitted your question, you will be assigned a medical professional best suited to your needs who will quickly assist you.

3. Doctor Responds

After you’ve been assigned to a doctor, they will connect with you to gather more information and provide you the advice you need.

4. Continue Conversation

You and your assigned doctor will be able to continue the conversation through email exchange to answer all your questions and provide you with direction.